Craps Single Roll Bets

One category of the many bets in the game is the single roll bets. From the name of the said category, we can already figure out what these bets are. Single roll bets win or lose from only a single roll made by a shooter. In contrast, a multiple roll bet would require a few rolls before we get to a certain outcome in the game.

The good news about single roll bets is that they would pay higher with only one wager, the bad news is that the odds of winning aren't just as high since the house edge on these bets is really high. These are very simple wagers to make in a game. Simply make a single roll wager, if that number turns up you win, if not you lose. We recommend these wagers for players who would really like to take big risks for the chance of winning more. Unless you are up to it, we suggest you stay away from the single roll bets else you lose more money than you hope to win.

The single roll bets include the following wagers:

11 otherwise known as "Yo": This bet wins if the shooter makes an 11. Odds on this bet pays at 15:1 but the house edge goes as high as 11.11%.

Ace-deuce: This bet wins if a three comes up.

Craps Aces: This bet will win if a two comes up.

12: Wins if the shooter makes a 12.

2 or 12 (also known as hi-lo): This bet wins if the shooter makes either a two or 12. This bet is placed on the line in between two and 12.

Craps: This bet wins if the shooter makes a two, three, or 12.

C & E: Players bet half of the wager on craps and half on 11. Only one of the two bets can win.

Any seven: This bet wins if the shooter makes a seven. This bet is also known in the game as Big Red.

Field Bets: With this bet, players bet that the shooter will make any of the following numbers: two, three, four, nine, 10, 11, or 12. Field bets are also classified under proposition bets.

Horn: Players bet on all of the following numbers - two, three, 11 and 12. This bet is like making four separate bets at one time.

World bet: This is a combination of the horn and any seven.

These are the single roll bets you can make in a game. Just remember that the odds of winning on these bets aren't that good but they do pay more.

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