The Basic Rules of Etiquette in a Game of Craps

The game of craps has some basic rules of etiquette that must be followed during every game. The way a player behaves is an important part of the game. It is necessary that before playing the game, players must be familiar with the basic rules of etiquette. Most of the rules of etiquette deal with the way the dice are handled by a shooter.

When a player becomes a shooter, casinos only allow the dice to be handled with only one hand. The reason behind this is to prevent dice replacement and cheating in the game. A shooter is expected to follow the rule of etiquette that the dice must not be passed from one hand to the other. To get the dice beyond the table's edge is also not allowed. A change of hand can be permitted but to do this, the shooter must first set the dice on the table, then the other hand picks up the dice from the table not from the other hand.

When throwing the dice, the shooter is expected to throw the dice and hit the farthest opposite wall of the shooter. The correct way to throw the dice is by tossing them across the table and not sliding. The dice must also be thrown within the eye level of the dealer and not higher. The dice can land anywhere on the table except on the areas where the boxman's bank and the dealer's money stacks are located.

In case the thrown dice accidentally hit a player or personnel at the craps table before they land on the table, the throw is still counted. As long as the event is accidental and the person that was hit did not try to alter or in any way interfere with the way the dice land on the table, the play is still on.

There are casinos that allow any shooter to set the dice before tossing them. But it is important to remember that setting must be done quickly so as not to cause any delay of the game. There are also casinos that do not allow any shooter to set the dice. In this way, the dice must be tossed as it was given to the shooter.

During the game, dealers are not allowed to touch any player at the table. Dealers are not expected to hand over the chips to any player. Players are also not allowed to give their money to the dealer.

These rules of etiquette must be observed strictly during a game of craps. By abiding with the rules of etiquette every player can expect the game to go to smoothly.

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