Craps Bets: Come Bet and Don't Come Bet

In craps, there are lots bets that any player can make during a game. One of the common bets every beginner will come across are the line bets. Line bets are very simple and are the recommended bets for novice players. Two of these line bets are called the come bet and the don't come bet.

If you check the table layout, you'll easily find the come bet and the don't come bet areas printed and it won't be easy to miss. After understanding the pass line and the don't pass line bets, the come bet should be next. You should practice the pass line, don't pass, the come bet, and the don't come bets after going through the material here.

A come bet is very much like the pass line bet. If ever you forget what a pass line bet is, then you should go back and review what it is and how that bet works. The difference between the come bet and the pass line is that the come bet is only made after the shooter has rolled a point. The pass line bet, on the other hand, is made before the shooter brings up a point in the game.

The come bet also wins the same way as the pass line bet. After the shooter rolls a point in the come out roll, you make a come bet. Your come bet wins if the next roll in the game turns out as seven or 11. Naturally, like the pass line bet the come bet also loses if the next number to come up would be a two, a three, or a 12.

If ever the shooter doesn't make all those numbers mentioned (i.e. they turn out to be either a four, five, six, eight, nine, or a ten then that bet will be moved to a corresponding box showing the number that came up. If that number comes up before the shooter rolls a seven, it wins otherwise it loses.

Players are allowed to make other come bets along the way while waiting for the previous come bets they made. There are players make up to seven come bets on the table at one time.

Opposite the come bet area is the don't come bet box. The don't come bet is the opposite of the come bet where players are in fact betting that a craps will be rolled next and not a seven or an 11. If a point is made, a don't come bet signifies that a player is betting that a seven turns up before that point.

Come bets and don't come bets are the next bets to practice after the pass line and the don't pass bets. Beginners will profit from mastering these two additional craps bets.

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