Craps Dice Control Technique

Many people doubt that there can be ways that the rolling of the dice can be controlled in such a way that it will result to the shooter's desired number. But for some gambling experts the idea is not impossible.

The technique of dice control in craps is a play of advantage that has three important elements. The success in this kind of technique does not depend on whether a player is right or left-handed. Gender and age are also insignificant. Total practice of the three elements of dice control can make someone the winning shooter.

The first element of dice control is grip. Find the right grip that is best suited for you to use. Grip the dice in a way that it will give you maximum control of the spin. But, the grip must also have a minimum contact between the fingers and the dice.

The right grip puts equal pressure on both dice. The dice should feel like one rectangular object in your grip and not two distinct dice. When preparing to make the throw, make sure that the two dice are "kissing" each other; no space in between them so that the dice will not fly away from one another.

The second element of dice control is alignment. The alignment of the dice is associated with the vertical axis on the table. Make sure that the dice heel-toe alignment is parallel to the table felt.

The third element of dice control is delivery. As the shooter, you are expected to deliver a throw of the dice that it will reach the farthest wall of the table, which will make the dice bounce off to achieve random number results when they land. With dice control on delivery, the dice reaction upon bounce off will be minimized.

When the dice are properly delivered, the two dice will stick together as they are thrown in the air and will only have a left-right rotation. To achieve this, you can rotate your wrist, shoulder, or elbow, depending on which one would works for you naturally.

Rotating your shoulder or wrist during the delivery can become a natural movement for you after constant practice. But rotating your elbow is somewhat an unnatural movement that may cause unwanted attention. Plus, for older players, a strain on the elbow during rotation may occur.

The most important thing about these three elements of dice control is practice. For dice control to become a natural physical skill of a craps player, hours of practice are required. But remember that dice control is not enough to assure you of winning. Learning to bet correctly is also needed to have the edge of the game.

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