Craps Essentials: The Odds Bets

If you're looking for one of the best bets you can make in a game of craps you should consider playing the odds bets. The house edge (coming right down to nothing) is only one of the reasons why players ought to make this bet. Unfortunately, these bets are not listed on the table layout. Only the really knowledgeable players at the table know that they exist.

An odds bet is like a back up bet that players put on the pass line/don't pass line and come/don't come bets. These bets are called the pass odds, the don't pass odds, come odds, and the don't come odds bets. Each of these bets will be discussed here.

Pass Odds Bet: After a player has made a pass line bet, casinos would usually allow an additional bet. This bet is placed behind the original pass line bet on the table layout. Players are allowed to make this bet after the point has been made. This bet wins if the point comes up before a seven is rolled.

After the shooter rolls a point your bets are paid accordingly. If the point that was made is within four to 10 the pay off will be paid two to one. If the point rolled is either a five or a nine the pay off is at three to two. Even better is a point of either six or eight; these pay off at six to five.

Don't Pass Odds: This bet works like the pass odds bet and it also wins if the shooter makes the point again in his next roll before making a seven. If the point is from four to 10, the pay off is at one to two. A five or nine point pays off at two to three. An eight or six point would pay off at five to six.

Come Odds Bet: This is similar to the pass line odds bets. This is an additional bet riding on the original come bets. Payoff for this bet is at two to one if the dice turns up to a 4 or 10. On a resulting roll of five or nine this bet pays off at three to two. Pay off is at six to five on a resulting roll of six or eight.

Craps Don't Come Odds Bet: This bet is similar to a don't pass odds bet riding on the original don't come bet. Payoff for this bet is at one to two on a resulting dice roll of 4 or 10. Payoff is at two to three on a resulting roll of five or nine. Payoff is at five to six on a dice roll of six 6 or eight.

These are the odds bets in craps. You may have to review the pass line bets and the come bets if you wish. Remember to practice these bets and take advantage of the zero house advantage.

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