Craps Strategy: Learn How to Maintain Your Bankroll

It is true that craps is a game of chance, but having some kind of game strategy can help a player avoid repeating certain errors. Since craps is a game of chance, part of your strategy should include managing your bankroll. Here are some game strategies that one can master to become an optimum player.

(1) Playing smart and being disciplined is a rule that is often taken for granted. As a player, you must have a modest goal regarding how much money you are aiming to win in a session and how much money can you afford to lose in the game.

It is essential that you must understand the goings of the game before betting your money. There are certain games online that you can practice without any money involved. This is a good opportunity to learn and understand the entire game. It is better to be prepared before an actual game than to be disappointed later because of inexperience.

(2) You must know how to manage your money and bankroll during the game. Have an effective system for money management. You can create your own system or try famous systems like Martingale or Paroli. What is important is that you stick to your system and never exceed your limits because if you do, remorse will truly follow after. Many experts advise that betting must be aimed at 20% of the bankroll and 50% at the most.

(3) You must learn how to choose the smart and correct bets. Every bet has its odds and there are certain bets with a low house edge. Becoming familiar with these probabilities will help a player choose the right place to put a wager. It is sometimes ideal to cling to the pass line bets and odds, come bets and odds, and six or eight place bets.

(4) Staying cool all the time during the game is a good way to cope with pressure. Like all other games of chance, there might be instances that will cause you to be hotheaded and irritated. It is important that you remain calm, cool, and level headed and not let pressure affect your concentration and placing of bets.

When you are already ahead against everyone else at the table by a big margin, it may be time for you to raise your betting unit. Or instead, you can try doubling your bankroll for future use.

In a game of chance like craps, not all strategies would be effective. But it is still important to have a game strategy so you may know your limits like when to stop playing and how much money you are willing to lose.

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