Pass Line and Don't Pass Line Craps Bets

There are a lot of bets a player can ever make in a game of craps. There are about 40 of these bets out there, but since that can change from casino to casino since each would have its own set of rules. One of the first few bets any player learns is indeed part of the essentials - the line bets.

The line bets would include bets that are low risk compared to other bets in the game. These are also the wagers that we recommend for beginners, so after getting the hand of these bets remember to practice what you've learned here.

The first of these bets that every beginner should start with is called the pass line bet. The pass line bet is one of the fundamental bets in the game and is considered one of the best bets any player can ever make in any casino.

The pass line bet wins or loses depending on the result of the shooter's come out roll. If the shooter makes either a seven or an eleven on that roll then the pass line wins. But if the shooter fails to make those numbers and instead gets a two, a three, or a 12 then that bet loses.

Now, if the shooter makes a point during the come out roll then the player gets to see the results of the next roll to determine if this bet wins or loses. If the shooter rolls the point again the pass line bet wins, but if a seven comes on this next roll then the pass line bet loses.

Like the pass line bet, the don't pass bet also rides on the results of the shooter's come out roll but is it's direct opposite. The don't pass bet loses if that roll turns out as a seven or 11. A result of two or three on the dice for the come out roll makes this bet win. But if a 12 comes up on the dice roll that would result in a draw. The draw is there simply to ensure the casino's house edge in the game.

What if players make a don't pass bet and a point is rolled? If the shooter makes a point, the don't pass bet wins or loses depending on the succeeding rolls. The don't pass roll would lose if the point is comes up. If in case a seven turns up instead of that point, then the bet wins.

These are the two basic line bets every player should start with. After getting used to these two craps bets through some practice plays, players are advised to learn the other bets and essentials of the game.

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