Understanding the Common Terms Used in Craps

The following terms are commonly used during a game of craps:

Bank Craps: This is the proper name given to the casino version of the game.

Bones: Another name for the dice used in the game.

Boxman: Refers to the casino employee who is situated opposite of the stickman at the table. The House Bank at the table is under the Boxman's responsibility.

Boys or The Boys: The slang term for the dealers at the table.

Change Only: When a player converts cash into chips before placing the bet.

Craps: Refers to the game of dice and the numbers two, three, and twelve.

Dealer: A casino employee at the table who is responsible for every player's bet in the game.

No Bet: Indicates that a player's bet does not count because the bet is placed late.

No Roll: Indicates that the dice roll is unsuccessful because a die was interrupted, cocked, or falls short.

Ozzie and Harriet: The slang for two squares or hard eight.

Pips: The white dots seen on the dice.

Player Position: Refers to certain places at the table where players are situated. In a standard table layout, either end of the table has eight different player positions.

Rack: The rail around the table where the chips of the players are placed.

Rail: The player side's area at the table.

Save the Odds: A statement made by the stickman that reminds dealers to pay odds for the come bets when the come out roll is done.

Self Service: Bets that are directly place on the table by the players themselves like Big Eight, Big Six, and Field bets.

Shooter: The player of the game at the table who must roll the dice.

Square Pair: The game lingo that refers to the pair of fours or hard eight.

Stacks: The slang term for the casino chips of the dealers that consists of various denominations.

Stickman: A casino employee at the table who has the responsibility of giving the dice to the shooter and saying out loud the dice roll results. The stickman is also responsible for the placement and payout of the proposition bets.

Turning the Dice: The stickman would set and turn the dice in the center of the table before giving them to the shooter that the numbers two, three seven, 11, or 12 are not shown.

Wall: The wall that is located at both ends of the table, which the shooter must hit with the dice for the roll to be counted.

Whip: Refers to the stick used by the stickman during the game.

You'll hear these terms used when you're at a table. At least by knowing what these words mean you'll get along fine in a conversation with other players.

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